VMPTE, Inc. Service Guidelines 
Our company recognizes the investment you have made in your electrical modalities and we make it our business to maintain the optimal performance of your equipment. Our service representatives regularly attend training seminars to stay certified on the newest products in the field, and we add an extra dimension to our knowledge base by keeping up to date on the latest treatment methods and protocols.

• Our current Hourly Rate is $85 per hour. Non-emergency service is typically arranged to coincide with our weekly travel schedule. Mileage and travel time is handled at no additional charge within a one-hour radius, although some exceptions may apply. Emergency service is available within 24 hours at an additional charge. 
• Warranty service (labor) is provided for equipment which we sell as agreed upon at the time of purchase (parts are provided in accordance with the manufacturer’s written warranty). 
• Up to three in-services are provided free of charge for products which we sell during the warranty period. All other in-services are provided at the hourly rate. • Annual maintenance programs are available for many of the products we sell and service. 
• If our representative determines that repair requires the removal of the device from your facility for shop or factory service, loaner/rental equipment is usually available. During the warranty period, for products which we have sold, loaner equipment is provided when available at no charge. After the warranty period expires on a device which we have sold, loaner equipment is provided (when available) at a generously reduced rental rate. Rental equipment rates vary depending on the type of equipment rented.

• Calibration and Safety Analysis as required by Medicare (¶22,166.163 Reg. §486.163), JCAHO, etc. • Calibration service procedures comply with the specific ultrasound manufacturer’s recommendations. Ultrasound calibration requirements are established by the manufacturer in accordance with applicable specifications and the performance standards for ultrasound therapy devices as listed in the Code of Federal Regulations (21CFR 1050.10). Ultrasound calibrations are performed with an ultrasound power meter manufactured by Ohmic Instruments Co. (Model UPM – 30). The calibrated output is documented incrementally across the operational range and held to a tolerance not to exceed +/-14%.
• Traction calibrations are performed with a precision spring scale. The calibrated output is documented incrementally across the operational range and held to a tolerance not to exceed +/-15%. 
• Safety analysis procedures include a thorough evaluation of leakage current, grounding and peripheral accessory reliability, and nominal device function as outlined in the NFPA 99 Standards for Healthcare Facilities. All devices checked for electrical safety must exhibit exposed surface to ground pin resistance of 0.5 Ohms or less. Fixed ground devices must exhibit exposed surface to reference ground voltage of 500mv or less. 
• Included labeling indicates type and date of procedure for each unit tested.
• Ultrasound calibration rates are $55* per transducer. (*minimum hourly rate may apply)
• Traction calibration rates are $40 per calibration verification – Hourly if recalibration is required. 
• Leakage and Safety Analysis is provided at the hourly rate of $85.
• Departmental reports documenting calibration and leakage/safety analysis are available for $35. 
• Special reduced rates are available for large departments.